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I’m Just A Bill

I’ll be honest. I haven’t done a crapload of research on the healthcare bill. I don’t know the ins and outs, the pros and cons, the goods and bads of it. Maybe the reason I haven’t done so much research is that I know that, whatever side I were to come out on, I’d be shunned by half of my friends. But what I think the bigger problem isn’t what was on the bill. The bigger problem is the amount of pure fury that is coming from this.

I’m going to be bordering on Godwin’s on this, I think. But many a time, there’s bills that are passed that seem to be so different from everyone’s normal way of life. This goes from things as small (as far as we think now) as income tax and social security to big ones like the emancipation proclamation. Heck, even ones I don’t support like the patriot act can fall under the category of “you get used to it, eventually”.

Now, that’s not saying that we should lay back, close our eyes and think of engl…america. But rather, give things some time. See how they actually do affect you on a day to day basis. See if your life has gotten better or worse as a result of this (or any) bill. If it’s better, write your congressperson and tell them. If it’s worse, do the same. The only way the process works is if you get your voice out. But get it out to the right people. Because (for my Toledo peeps), I’ll give good odds that Marcy Kaptur, or anyone on her staff, isn’t reading your walls. So if you want to let loose your mighty YAWP, do so. But do so in the right place, so your signal is not lost in the noise.


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