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Insomnia. Joy.

Yeah, there’s nothing like not being able to sleep to get you to kick start a new blog. Counting my LJ, this would be my 4th attempt at blogging, but I think I’ve found my voice, or at least a voice that sounds like me. I blame John Scalzi, personally.

Anyway, quick rundown of things that will and will not probably show up here, in no particular order.

  • Pop Culture: Because you can’t be a proper geek without the occasional pop rant
  • Politics: Yeah, I care. I just don’t show it often.
  • Church: Somehow, I’ve found myself getting involved in church again and enjoying it at that. So that’ll probably show up here periodically
  • Random thoughts: What’s the point of having a blog if you can’t ramble periodically?

On the other side of things, pretty much the only thing that I won’t be talking about for the most part will be work. Because I like having a job, and in this day and age, even the slightest thing could be a problem. So we’ll just keep that to myself, k? K.

But yeah. It’s coming up on 1 in the bloody morning, and I should attempt to sleep again. So off to bed and more of these as time goes on. Promise this time. Honest.


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